About Salsamania Dance Company

Founded in 2000 by John Narvaez and Liz Rojas, Salsamania Dance Company is one of the world’s top mambo dance companies.  As a corporation by John and Liz Productions, Salsamania's mission is to gain recognition in the world salsa community as having the best performance teams and training organization.

Salsamania Dance Company currently consists of two training teams (On 1 and On 2),  eight performance teams and over 80 members from 16 countries.  

Salsamania dancers follow a structured dance education program allowing them to move through several levels while focusing on core values such as teamwork, professionalism, competition and grace. At the culmination of this training, skilled dancers who wish to perform may be invited to join one of our performance teams that compete and perform throughout the United States and abroad.

John and Liz have honed teaching techniques that focus on the fundamentals—timing, technique, musicality, style and music history—enabling students to learn and progress rapidly. John and Liz, as well as other advanced members of Salsamania Dance Company, use these methods to teach over 400 beginner and intermediate students per week in community centers, night clubs, and dance studios throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

John and Liz are regularly invited to teach and perform at congresses and festivals around the world.  If you are interested in having John and Liz teach at your event, please contact us at johnandlizproductions.com

If you would like to have the Salsamania performance teams perform at your event, please contact us via the website.

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